About Meadowlands

Quality, Innovation, Service

Meadowlands Horticultural Inc. (MHI) is a premier plant propagator and rooting station dedicated to producing high-quality and reliable plant materials for all customers. MHI works within two distinct divisions: grower programs and finished programs.

As a propagator, MHI takes seed, vegetative materials, and tissue cultures from distinguished breeders around the world to cultivate floral plugs and rooted cuttings. The hundreds of plant varieties grown-to-order in our facilities are made available to greenhouses and nurseries exclusively through our brokerage network of Ball, JVK, and Stokes Seeds, or to commercial farmers directly. In addition to our Root & Sell agreement with Oro Ecke Oglevee, we are a rooting station for Florist, the innovator and worldwide market leader of Gerbera breeding.

As a finished grower, MHI services independent garden centers and nurseries by providing dependable, easy-to-grow garden and organic edible plants collected under the Tried & True name. We are also proud to be working with local BC communities to beautify and enhance their green spaces.

Our Service

Team MHI

Team Meadowlands

Meadowlands’ customer service team understands the importance of receiving an order complete and on-time. We take great pride in our products and ensure orders are processed in an efficient manner. We continue to build our company by strengthening relationships with suppliers and customers; investing in equipment; sourcing new raw materials; and utilizing new growing techniques. Credit for MHI’s success goes to our qualified team of growers, managers, and employees. Long-term loyalty and low turnover are hallmarks of our team. From the beginning, we have staked our reputation on providing consistent, high-quality plants, and unmatched service to ensure our customers’ success in plant material while utilizing production techniques that are lean and environmentally sensitive.

Our Facilities

MHI Facilities

Meadowlands Horticultural Inc. Facilities

Meadowlands’ facilities employ a mix of traditional and advanced technologies to meet our uncompromising standard of quality. The 100,000 square feet of covered area consists of glass and poly-covered greenhouses; some ground to ground, and some gutter connected. All houses are computer temperature-controlled with the glass propagation house equipped with under-the-bench hot water heat; rolling expanded metal benches; mist; high-pressure sodium lights; shade and heat-retention systems; and tempered irrigation water. The variety of houses and equipment allows MHI the flexibility to select the proper environment for specific crops.