Shipping and Terms & Conditions

Our shipping department works closely with our carriers to ensure product arrives on time and in good condition.

Our shipping department works closely with our carriers to ensure product arrives on time and in good condition.

Terms: Net 30 days apply to all accounts

Availability: All items are subject to availability. There may be times when certain varieties are not available. We will make every effort to contact customers of availability issues when they arise.

Boxing: Please contact broker for pricing.

Pack: 4 trays per box. Please note: some items will occupy 2 trays of space in a box i.e. Geraniums

Customer Pick Up: Meadowlands Horticultural Inc. (MHI) recommends that plants be picked up on the designated date or no later than 24 hours after that date. Normal greenhouse hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Pick up outside of the normal greenhouse hours can be arranged with prior notice. Plants held at the Buyer’s request beyond scheduled pick up or delivery week may incur a holding charge based on the size of the order. Quality and vigour of plants held beyond the designated pick up or ship date may decline at the sole risk of the Buyer.

F.O.B. Burnaby, B.C. Canada

Delivery: Free delivery for orders with a minimum of 24 trays within the Lower Mainland area up to Chilliwack, B.C. via our MHI trucks.

Shipping: Shipping that does qualify for free delivery or shipping outside of the Lower Mainland is made at the expense and risk of the Buyer.

Freight Claims: Contact your freight carrier directly. For rooted cutting plug material, please advise your Customer Service Representative.

Quality Claims:  For rooted cuttings, all quality claims must be reported to your Customer Service Representative within 24 hours of receipt of goods and written notice to be given within 3 business days. If damage is visible at time of delivery, please report to delivery driver and note on receipt. Claims need to be accompanied with a digital photo of the product and the accompanying label. Otherwise, claim will not be accepted.

Limited Liability: MHI warrants that plants sold shall conform to accepted industry descriptions within the limits of standard commercial tolerances. All plants are guaranteed to be true to name and healthy upon shipment.  All orders are subject to crop failures, natural disasters or conditions beyond MHI’s control. It is mutually agreed that MHI’s total liability is limited to replacement of non-conforming plants or credit of the invoice price (MHI’s option). In no event shall Buyer be entitled to recover from MHI, any incidental or consequential damages arising from any breach or alleged breach by MHI such as lost profits, planting costs or any other incidental damages. We have no control over any element of plant handling or exposure to weather, insects or disease once the plants leave our greenhouse, thus we cannot offer any guarantees of plant survival or vigor. MHI makes no warranty, expressed or implied, including any warranty of fitness for any particular purpose with respect to plant stock and all other warranties are hereby expressly excluded.

Propagation is strictly prohibited on trademarked varieties.

Prices are subject to change without notice.