2023 – 2024 Rooted Plug Program

As one of the leading propagators, Meadowlands Horticultural Inc.’s priority is providing our customers with consistent, reliable young plants. Applying the latest technology and growing techniques, our experienced growing team works attentively to develop well-toned plugs with sturdy root systems and controlled top growth. With our young plants, growers can reduce energy, labour cost, and save time in finishing.

Our 2023 – 2024 program includes award-winning and top-performing varieties from first-class global breeders. We offer a full line of premium annuals, perennials, grasses, edibles, and herbs for bedding, container, or field production.

The Meadowlands’ team is the core of our business, ensuring high-quality plant material and exceptional customer support. Thank you for making Meadowlands Horticultural Inc. your first choice for your propagation needs.

Please contact your preferred broker for our complete plug program, pricing, terms of sale and availability. Click below for our 2023 – 2024 Rooted Plug Program.

2024 MHI Rooted Plug Program-cover